For each benefit, its disadvantage

August 29, 2013 – 01:54

For each benefit, its disadvantage

Nowadays, a man can live without working in a developed country. We push the limits of the average life expectancy in our country. We live longer and live better. All the current characteristics of our society are part of a trend. History has taught us through experiences, progress in science, technology, etc.. Thus we can understand the current state of our society and the world. Very often, the answer to a question in history. The technical evolution of the human being a better way of life. Indeed, from an economic point of view, progress has yielded significant gains. Automation of industrial machines in the automotive sector, saw the construction of it and evolve positively addition, exponentially. The invention of the first computers with the Apple company, today allows to store number of unquantifiable information. The internet also offers us the ability to communicate, especially with the Windows Live Messenger program, with people around the world and live. As a result, the robot has replaced the man, the computer takes the place of paper and internet overcomes the problem of distance. All these inventions and innovations made by man and for man, have provided productivity gains, time, effort and stocks. Our lifestyles are changing in parallel and are correlated with the progress. Of course, humans are forced to adapt to the surrounding environment, particularly because of the continuous innovation of products that it offers the market. But it may be noted that the progress goes changing mores in this sense, it makes a more civilized society.

However, the notion of "progress" must be qualified given the positive connotations attributed to him regularly. Progress causes some problems at the social level. Indeed, we are in a capitalist society where "profit" is the key word. The rest will go into the background. This is the "flip side", progress is actually a tool for profit. We sometimes forget the origins and evolution of where we go. This is often at the cost of human sacrifices. I think in the first place the foundations of medicine research has been done on a shoestring to learn about the human body. Man pays dear the effects of progress, and it goes through harrowing experiences. Obviously, there is a downside to every advantage. Today, the company is a major topic of sustainable development. All human activities, in particular companies usually have an impact on the environment resulting in negative externalities. We can talk, for example, various forms of pollution they may be responsible for: noise pollution, visual, soil and the atmosphere. Ecology has taken a prominent place among the problems of the 21st century to solve. Thus, progress is a risk for the future and may lead to other adverse consequences when used for military purposes, for example. In fact, many products on the civilian market were originally tools for the army: GPS, Internet, etc.. Finally, we can conclude that from a spatio-temporal view, progress has served some at the expense of others. The danger of this development will unscrupulous men.


Libs and Cons suffer from

2009-10-16 06:19:47 by Anon-Y-Mous

Cognitive dissonance.
They both know that what they are putting out there is Bull Shit.
For Cons: If we go all ahead for with Health Care Reform, we will further bankrupt the country and eliminate the incentives for medical research.
This will also make it impossible for us to address future problems.
For Libs: If we do nothing, we will continue to wallow in a mess of an inefficient system with increasing costs.
What amazes me is that people on WoPo only espouse the extremes. The answer is not at the extremes but at the center

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