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What is Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome: The S Foundation

Dr. Andrés Peña Arrebola Head of Section, Hospital Ramon y Cajal Director of Rehabilitation Journal

The goal of rehabilitation is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

With advances in medicine, currently it saves more lives but in many cases these people left with functional deficits, they can survive for many years. This raises the demand to improve their level of independence, while the current welfare societies before the obligation to meet these requirements if possible. These arise in the merely physical but also the emotional, family, social, employment and economic.

Research in Rehabilitation, therefore, has to be raised to meet the demands in each of these areas: biological, behavioral and social. The primary objective of the clinical investigator is to produce scientifically valid evidence, clinically relevant and statistically accurate. The rehabilitation physician serves and continually monitors patients in the recovery phase. This situation leads to identify problems without satisfactory solution so far, raising and seeking new alternatives.

Also studying creative act can occur otherwise. Occasionally comes by inspiration, causing what is called phenomenon "aha" (yuxtaponible the famous Archimedes eureka: I found it). Sometimes the research process culminates with imagination, conceiving a new idea and great that shattered the previous known that explained a phenomenon or an entire doctrine, being the prototype bizarre genius, in the etymological sense of the word. However, in many spheres of human activity, only he who seeks finds and inspiration rather than perspiration or account first arrive in the second, as referred to by some famous writers, enhancing the methodical work. We must also consider how organized and methodical worker without being brilliant and revolutionary systems may discover new, you can get interesting contributions on a previous idea more relevant.

We have said before that in the process of rehabilitation of the disabled concur many factors, from the biological to the social. Hence, an important feature of research in this field is that of a team made. This must be included the patient, or at least should be reflected faithfully what their needs, failing to be working on abstractions that have no practical relevance. The rehabilitation physician, physiotherapist, occupational and speech therapists, orthopedic technicians, engineers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, apart from other professionals, can produce results more complete and satisfactory than any professional work isolated individual known only one facet the process.


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Texas and Medicaid..the reason why

2011-09-30 07:00:39 by momandgram

So few have it.
This Boston Globe story speaks volumes. The average percentage of uninsured working adults in this country is 22%, the average for Massachusetts is 7% and the average for Texas is 32%. For children ages 18 and under, 10% on average are uninsured in the U.S., compared to 17% for Texas and just 3.5% for Massachusetts.
So Texas has 10% more uninsured adults and 7% more uninsured kids than the national average. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has 15% fewer uninsured adults and 6

And to clarify - recent studies have shown

2007-12-28 13:01:23 by get-fit

As in no proof positive that fat, any fat, has a direct link to the levels of cholesterol in blood and heart disease.
Search for "fat is not bad", and you will find medical journals, research documents, and news articles quite recently questioning the 1953 hypothesis.
Research Dr. Ancel Keys, in a paper "Atherosclerosis, a Problem in Newer Public Health."

The Power of Faith and Prayer?

2011-08-03 18:28:36 by NewMsLoree

Published by Steven Novella under Faith Healing & Spirituality
Part of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) movement is an attempt to insert spirituality into the philosophy and practice of medicine. Most energy healing modalities, for example, have spiritual underpinnings. At the same time there are many attempts to use science to validate the healing power of faith. This is also an issue that is very attractive to the media, who love articles and headlines about the power of prayer. In our culture – faith sells.
A recent article in the Detroit Free Press is an excellent example of bad reporting and the sensationalizing of this issue

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