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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
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June 21, 2013 03:43:42
Source: Xinhua


Geneva, June 20 Xinhua (Reporter Liu Meichen Wu Chen) According to the World Health Organization report released on the 20th, more than a third of women worldwide by physical violence or sexual violence.

The report, entitled "Violence against women a global and regional assessment: partner violence, sexual violence and non-partner status and health effects" by the WHO and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Medical Research Council of South Africa completed in cooperation, is the study of the public health problem of global report. Report for the first systematic study of women suffer partner violence and sexual violence by non-partners of global data, and details of violence on women health impacts.

The report shows that about 35% of women worldwide have experienced partner to its implementation of physical or sexual violence, or non-partner sexual violence. The report finds that women suffer partner violence is the most common form of violence, and its impact on women's health, including causing their death and injury, depression, alcoholism, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

Although the collection of data on non-partner sexual violence experienced by women worry about reputation issues implicit rather than newspaper and other obstacles, the report still found to suffer from forms of violence that women prone to alcoholism, suffering from depression or anxiety, and other issues.

Reports said that Africa and the Americas are women aged 15 and above suffer partner violence and sexual violence by non-partners is most serious. Partner violence were the most serious areas in Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean region and Africa.

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in a written statement, said: "These findings strongly show that violence against women is a common health problem worldwide and we also see that the world's health systems can and must be female victims do more things. "

WHO released the same day with the report a problem against violence against women a new clinical and policy guidelines to help countries strengthen health departments to deal with violence against women capabilities.


I am familiar with the history of medicine

2007-06-25 17:15:54 by UberZionist

I do biomedical research for a living--they make us know about it.
That was a case that helped give rise to modern biomedical ethics.
It's a different world now.
Sociopaths and psychopaths make up only 1-7% of the population.
It is a huge stretch of the imagination that six of them who happened to be medical professionals all converged at this hospital and conspired to murder hundreds of children.
Nosocomial disease is a huge problem in medicine--especially in developing countries that attempt to re-use what in the first world are considered to be disposable supplies

Small potatoes 2

2004-12-31 05:49:02 by look-at-big-guns

Other companies and their assistance plans are:
-- BP: $1 million to the International Federation of the Red Cross and are considering a matching fund program for employees.
-- Hitachi Ltd.: $200,000 in cash; discussing plans to give more.
-- PTT Public Company Ltd., Thailand's gas company: $1.3 million in cash assistance, and about $100,000 in food, fuel and employee contributions.
-- General Electric (Research): $1 million to Red Cross, $100,000 to UNICEF and a matching program for employees.
-- Exxon-Mobil (Research): Affiliates in the region have donated planes and medical supplies

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