Half a career with the paranormal

August 29, 2013 – 01:54
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To start with a definition, the word paranormal means communication without the currently recognized sensory processes; may also refer to physical movements without physical processes recognized. For several centuries, now described as paranormal phenomena occurred and were described. Most historians of the subject agree, however, that systematic investigations such occurrences did not begin until 1882, when the Society for Psychical Research (SPR - SPR) was founded in London. Its founders have openly declared their intention to investigate unusual phenomena.

I am a latecomer in this field, because my activity in the area did not begin until I had already established myself in conventional psychiatry. Had training in that specialty and in psychosomatic medicine. My research and training enabled me to advance in academic positions and in 1957 was appointed professor and director of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia.

As I reached that position requires a small digression. Since my birth I suffered from repeated bouts of bronchitis and spent much time in bed. Diseases held me back, but I read a very helpful and my mother continued striving to restore my health. I have an unusually retentive memory, and phases of good health, I jumped ahead of my peers in school. Teachers like superior students, and became a favorite of some at McGill University. After I recovered from several bouts of pneumonia, one of the teachers advised me to leave the cold of Canada for the Arizona heat. In Arizona, somehow learned to improve my health. After that, I resumed a normal growth path in my training and academic placement.

Throughout, I acquired the reputation of dissident (maverick). This epithet seemed appropriate for someone who questioned the assumption, held dogmatically by most psychiatrists, that the human personality is more plastic in infancy and childhood than in later years (Stevenson, 1957). The publication of my challenge to this doctrine annoyed many of my colleagues in psychiatry and even angered some. For me, receiving my article on this subject provided me a useful training to respond to the rejection of my studies of paranormal phenomena.

At the time of my appointment at the University of Virginia, I returned to an earlier interest. In my childhood, I had been exposed to reports of paranormal phenomena through reading in my mother's extensive library, books on Eastern religions and theosophy, the latter being a derivative of Buddhism and Hinduism. My training in medicine had given me some understanding of scientific methods, and I began to wonder about the evidence for unusual phenomena reported in the books I had read. Did not seem conclusive, but did not seem negligible. So I read more about research on the paranormal, especially in the works of the founders of the SPR, as Myers and Gurney, for whom I developed an abiding admiration. I have also been familiarizing myself with the leaders of the American Society for Psychical Research that was, shall we say, a sort of younger sister SPR. In this group, CJ Ducasse and Laura Dale especially earned my gratitude by showing me that skepticism about some evidence of paranormal phenomena do not exclude acceptance of other evidence.

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Diversity = better treatment for POC patients

2008-04-03 10:38:34 by darkambition1

According to the studies
white doctors listen more to white patients, talk more than listen to black patients
black HIV patients better off with black doctors?
Researchers have known for years that African-Americans in the midst of a heart attack are far less likely than white patients to receive potentially life-saving treatments such as clot-busting drugs, a dramatic illustration of America's persistent healthcare disparities

Another showing approximately the same reduction

2009-11-11 06:36:09 by Yosarrian0022

In Prostate cancer rates - REMEMBER - it might NOT be the soy having this effect but something that comes along with high soy in the diet - high fruit and vegetable consumption for example or Low meat consumption. The effect here ONLY is seen with tofu consumption which is further indications that it is probably a marker rather than the cause.
Nutr Cancer. 2009;61(5):598-606.
Soy food consumption and risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of observational studies.
Hwang YW, Kim SY, Jee SH, Kim YN, Nam CM.

An ideal rarely reached...

2005-01-05 12:55:14 by Moopheus

To the contrary, scientists are people and people are not often objective and neutral.
Scientists, of course, work harder at being objective because of the limits and goals of the scientific disciplines, but this doesn’t mean personal preferences or ideologies never get in the way of their research.
Unfortunately, the scientific community has its share of ambition, suppression of truth, prejudice, plagiarism, manipulation of data, etc. This is illustrated by Tel Aviv Medical School’s Professor of Urology Alexander Kohn in his False Prophets: Fraud and Error in Science and Medicine (1986), by Broad and Wade’s Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science (1982), and other books and articles

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