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August 29, 2013 – 01:53
Clinical Studies: Clinical Studies Miami Fl

What are clinical trials?

A guide for participants

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical perspectives and increase scientific understanding of a wide variety of diseases.

Our goal at UHealth is quickly incorporate the findings of this research to clinical care for the benefit of all patients.

Why are they important clinical trials

Advances in medicine and science come from new ideas and approaches developed through research. New medical treatments must prove they are safe and effective among a number of patients in scientific studies before they can be put at the disposal of all.

Through clinical trials, researchers at UHealth learn what approaches are most effective. A number of treatments considered standard today, at the time revealed to be effective in a clinical trial.

Scientists can conduct clinical trials to achieve a variety of investigative goals. The different types of clinical trials are:

  • Treatments Tests that examine new drugs, medical devices, medical procedures or a combination of treatments
  • Prevention trials, studying better ways to prevent disease through medicines, vaccines, vitamins or changes in lifestyle
  • Assessment tests, studying new ways to look for the presence of a disease or a health condition
  • Evidence of quality of life, exploring ways to improve comfort and quality of life for individuals with chronic

Benefits for you

Participation in clinical trials is strictly voluntary, but those involved can derive benefits.

Here are some benefits you could receive as a subject in a clinical trial:

  • Access promising drugs, medical devices and treatment approaches, before they are available to the general public
  • Free or subsidized medical care for the duration of the test
  • A more active role in their own health care
  • Healthcare experts in a major medical center
  • Close monitoring of your medical care and side effects

And if you decide to participate in a clinical trial at UHealth, you play an important role to help advance scientific knowledge and help future patients.

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Springer Drug Use and Ethnicity in Early Adolescence (Longitudinal Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Series)
Book (Springer)

Study Volunteer Nutritional Supplement Needed!!!

2007-03-21 12:21:25 by LifeExtension

Dear Health Enthusiast,
You have a chance to contribute to pioneering medical research science by participating in research studies conducted by Life Extension Clinical Research, Inc., a leader in health and scientific investigation.
We are currently recruiting for a clinical study that may improve male sexual health and satisfaction. Dissatisfaction with sexual performance is common, yet an under-treated condition that can create mental stress and have marked effects on self-esteem, relationships, and overall quality of life. While aging is considered an independent risk factor for the condition, reduced sexual satisfaction is not an inevitable outcome of aging

RE: "the real goal here in my opinion is to...

2011-09-30 21:48:44 by Otto_Negme

...try to undermine the beneficial effects of red wine in a sneaky manner."
If you had read the article, you would know that no one was trying to "undermine the beneficial effects of red wine."
"'Red wine drinking may still be beneficial to prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, this apparently occurs in a blood pressure-independent manner,' Botden said."
"Dr. William O'Neill, a professor of cardiology and the executive dean for clinical affairs at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, agreed that the findings do not mean that red wine, in moderation, isn't heart-healthy

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