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DAN Protocol, whose name comes from the acronym for Defeat Autism Now (in English ) or Defeat Autism Now (in Portuguese ), is a protocol for various actions for the treatment of autism through methods other than those covered by the neurology current through biomedicine . This movement began in the United States , the Autism Research Institute (ARI, its acronym in English), founded in 1967 by the physician and scientist Bernard Rimland PhD, authority on the subject and the father of a boy with autism . 1 One of the main actions is a diet completely free of two proteins: gluten and casein , the latter present in milk animals 2 , known as GFCF diet (gluten and casein).

ARI, which is a nonprofit organization, publishes quarterly, since 1987 , a newsletter called Autism Research Review International Newsletter 3 , with biomedical and educational advances in autism research.

In the 1960s, without conforming to the limited vision of the medical society that treated autism as a mental illness, Bernard Rimland, doctor, scientist, scholar and father, founded the Autism Research Institute (Institute for Research in Autism) and the Since 1980, along with doctors, Sidney Baker and John Pangborn, gave rise to the movement DAN.

In 1995, the Institute made ​​the first DAN Conference, bringing together a group of about 30 doctors and scientists carefully selected in Dallas , in order to express and share ideas for defeating autism as quickly as possible. Participants, the United States and Europe , representing the most advanced minds and best minds in the world of autism, which continue to work together with the goal of finding treatments increasingly effective. The formal objective of the movement was DAN "engages in exploration, validation and dissemination of scientifically documented biomedical interventions for individuals within the autism spectrum , through the collaboration of physicians, scientists and parents. " The experience of these groups showed that autism was caused by oxidative estresss, inappropriate methylation and sulfation disturbances that eventually reaching the brain and causing the changes we call autism.

The conference began producing a protocol of actions that could be used by physicians everywhere as a guide for the clinical evaluation of patients with autism, leading to appropriate treatment. After a year of hard work - the original, representing a consensus statement advanced alternative medical diagnosis and treatment of autism, is now available.

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Clinical consequences of marijuana

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J Clin Pharmacol. 2002 Nov;42(11 Suppl):7S-10S.
Clinical consequences of marijuana.
Khalsa JH, Genser S, Francis H, Martin B.
Center on AIDS and Other Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA.
The use of marijuana is not without significant health hazards. Marijuana is associated with effects on almost every organ system in the body, ranging from the central nervous system to the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory/pulmonary, and immune systems.
Research presented in this special supplement will show that in addition to marijuana abuse/dependence, marijuana use is associated in some studies with *impairment of cognitive function* in the young and old, fetal and developmental...

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