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August 29, 2013 – 01:53

The Foundation funds organizations or France * utilities, selected for the quality and rigor of their actions. It offers its support through calls for proposals ** dedicated to specific topics. Grant applications, educated from a folder, are reviewed by a panel of professional experts in the field. It decides on the destination and the amount of aid. Foundation France supports operator precedence small does not have the means to collect their own funds to conduct their projects.

Solidarity with the vulnerable

In France At the international Emergency and post-emergency

Development of knowledge

Environmental Research Medical Research Culture


Links urban areas - rural areas Sustainable Development

* The Foundation of France does not intervene directly to individuals through its own programs. However, some of the foundations that give home exchanges or individual awards .

** For each call for proposals, the Fondation de France offers a standard file. She never asks for participation in educational fees or any other type of contribution in exchange for the award of a grant, an award or scholarship.


S Karger Pub The 7th Symposium by the 8 Winners of the Grants from Sandoz Foundation for Gerontological Research: Annual Meeting of the Japan Gerontological Society Osaka, October 20, 1995 (Journal: Gerontology)
Book (S Karger Pub)

Links to medical and other scholarships

2007-04-14 10:21:27 by DisgorgeCheney

keck foundation

Probably not

2010-06-30 17:24:22 by AxTx

Science and medical faculty don't usually get paid by their universities to do their research, they have to get outside grants. It shouldn't be hard for her since she's a member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and she is a member of the board of trustees of CARE and runs her own CAH foundation, as well.
If you Google her appearances on guidestar, you get non-profit grants that have been made to her, for a taste of the kinds of places that give her money:

None dared call it FRAUD

2009-10-24 20:33:42 by -

Imagine the reaction if investment companies provided only rosy stock and economic data to prospective investors; manufacturers withheld chemical spill statistics from government regulators; or medical device and pharmaceutical companies doctored data on patients injured by their products.
Media frenzies, congressional hearings, regulatory investigations, fines and jail sentences would come faster than you can say Henry Waxman. If those same standards were applied to global warming alarmists, many of them would be fined, dismissed and imprisoned; sanity might prevail, and the House-Senate cap-and-tax freight train would come to a screeching halt

Wallis Annenberg is no more a liberal than

2010-09-19 10:48:10 by refix

Her father was. She is 72 years old and carrying on her father's ideas.
Her father was a well known Republican who was good friend to the Reagans and Margaret Thatcher, and Ambassador to GB.
The foundation (which isn't "owned") is run by Wallis as of last year when Lee Annenberg died.
The Annenberg Foundation is a private family foundation that provides funding and support to non-profit organizations in the United States and around the world. The Annenberg Foundation exists to advance the public well being through improved communication

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