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A college or medical school is an institution of higher education where you study and learn the various disciplines that make up the course of medicine , eventually promoting research and extension in these and other areas of knowledge. After its completion, we obtain the diploma of doctor .

Some medical schools also offer programs for graduate , master's and doctorate .

Medical schools teach topics such as human anatomy , biochemistry , pharmacology , immunology , neurology and pathology .

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Harvard med school

2007-09-15 12:57:54 by -

Does a lot more than "have a position". They have no problem publishing papers on research, whether it supports their current position or not. In fact, Harvard Medical School, as an instution of higher learning, tries NOT to "have a position" on any topic.
However, as an institution that is required by their accrediting agencies to teach medical orthodoxy, they will inevitably, at least publish "current medical practice", which unfortunately is as much formed by who contributes the most money, as anything else...as well as pressure from the insurance industry.
Witness the "current medical practice" of prescribing drugs for depression, despite the volumes of evidence that aerobic exercise, weight loss, and proper amounts of sleep actually cure depression in 80% of all cases

Critique my MedSchool App Personal Statement 1/2

2010-07-15 21:05:10 by MedSchoolApplicant

In elementary school, a career day speech by a visiting chemist inspired me to try my hand as amateur scientist, mixing household cleaners in an ill-advised attempt to create a "secret formula". Fortunately, my interest in concocting noxious brews faded before I worked my way to the ammonia and bleach. My lifelong interest in science only grew, however, and I've since been committed to making scientific research a part of my life. It wasn't until my Junior year of High School, when my mother became ill, that I began to consider pursuing a career in medicine. The illness was sudden and was a very frightening experience for my family

Need to do more research, your info is old

2009-01-28 19:03:59 by WeedWarrior

Many people who have depression, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, chronic pain problems, often use marijuana - without realizing it's helping their medical issues. I found this out when I stopped smoking because my new husband didn't like it. I had worked my way up from a telemarketer making $4 and hour to a computer instructor and network tech making $23 an hour after quitting high school, getting the GED, and smoking pot on a daily basis. I was finally able to pass a drug test for a job but discovered I hurt all the time, was sleepy, and couldn't meet the physical demands the job required.
Within a year I had gained about 60 pounds, and I hurt so bad I couldn't walk around the grocery store

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