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August 29, 2013 – 01:53
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Institute offers two types of courses that taught courses and research programs , awarding a variety of advanced degrees, including Doctor of Music, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, Ph.D., JD, LLM, MA, Accounting Master, Master of Architecture, Master of Business Administration, the Master of Medicine, Master of Clinical Pharmacy, Master of Divinity, Master of Education, Master of Arts, Master of Family Medicine, Master of Health Science, Master of Music, Master of Nursing, Master of Occupational Medicine, Master of Professional Accounting , MPH, MPhil, MSc, Master of Social Science Master of Social Work and professional diploma.

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For more information about the graduate programs, please visit the Institute website.

Lifelong learning website also has information on a variety of graduate programs.

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Trade school kids?

2008-07-27 00:00:13 by ---

I don't know about you, but the kids I go to school with are smart. UCD is a science school. The majority of people that go here are pre-med, pre-dental/vet/pharmacy/nursing. A lot of them are hoping to get their PhDs and do research. These people are cut-throat, and they would sell their own mothers for an A in organic chemistry.
If by intellectual you mean philosophical, then yes, SC does have that mentality. The people at Davis are science-oriented, and many are socially awkward because if they don't get 4.0s, they can't sleep at night.
The students I know who are pre-law, business, and language majors try really hard to not let their majors get overshadowed by all the pre-medical field students here, but they're just as hard working

UCSD is much, much better...

2009-09-29 19:20:33 by edugirl

...than SDSU when it comes to academics.
According to the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Colleges 2009," SDSU is a fourth tier school, while UCSD ranks #35 as "Best National Universities" and #7 in the "Top 50 Public Universities."
From the research you have done, you are already familiar with the undergraduate college system at UCSD and know that housing is integrated into the campus, so that lecture halls are frequently just steps from on-campus housing.
You probably also know that the main campus at UCSD is a 1/4 mile from the beach, while SDSU is a 30-45 minute drive from the beach


2009-12-02 20:16:15 by edugirl

Look at the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools 2010," where they give the rankings for 67 universities in "Biological Sciences, and list the "Top Ten" in the following categories:
1. Biochemistry/Biophysics/Structural Biology
2. Cell Biology
3. Ecology/Evoluationary Biology
4. Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics
5. Immunology/Infectious Disease
6. Microbiology
7. Molecular Biology
8. Neuroscience/Neurobiology
Some of these groups have more than 10 universities listed because several tie for the top ten ranking

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