International Medical School: the admission test

August 29, 2013 – 01:53

[Lecture at mimed] Registration open for IMAT test for admission to ' International Medical School , The course of Medicine in English offered by the University. 60 places available for the next academic year: 40 intended for EU and non-EU citizens resident in Italy and 20 reserved for non-EU citizens resident abroad.

Requirements and enrollment procedures are specified in the competition notice published in the Students section of the website of the University.

Registration for the test is required to collect on the portal Universitaly until March 20. After registering candidates will be invited to provide the information specified in the notice and, in order of preference, the 3 sites for which they intend to rely on the test. The portal also shows the method of payment of the registration fee of € 120, 00.

The test takes place April 15, 2013.

The candidates who want to take the test abroad must provide one of the locations listed in the notice. Those who choose to support it in the University must report at 12.00 in Via Venezian 15 in Milan for the operations of identification. The indication of the classroom assigned for the test will be available on our website from April 8.

Always on April 8, are published - on the website of the Ministry of Education , The Ministry of Education, University and Research, and our portal - even the addresses of foreign offices, the place of the test.

The admission test is unique and is prepared by the Ministry of Education. It consists in the solution of sixty multiple choice questions on topics: general knowledge and logical reasoning (30 questions), biology (14 questions), chemistry (8 questions), Physics and Mathematics (8 questions).

Who wants to know more about the International Medical School can participate in the 'meeting aimed at future students of Medicine and Surgery scheduled for February 27 in the Aula Magna of via Feast of Forgiveness or book for the guided tours of the site of the course on 23 and 28 February.


Should i go to pharmacy or medical school?

2011-03-23 18:17:50 by -

I like the sciences, I like research. I would like to maybe study cancer and develop drugs for it. I dont know how realistic this is, i dont know how they develop drugs. for example, how did they develop acetaminophen? did a chemist start with a benzene ring and add substituents to it?
should i do medical school or pharmacy?
I personally would like to do pharmacy because its only 3 years, but if I go to medicine people will call me a "doctor"...just kidding. maybe a little.

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