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Chang Gung Memorial Hospital was established mission and philosophy The early 1970s,Taiwan's economy has gradually developed,people's living standards have gradually improved,however,Taiwan's overall medical standards and related facilities should be strengthened both quantity and quality. Inadequate health care system at the time,people get sick medical treatment is often difficult. In addition,domestic medical graduates also lack appropriate learning spaces,had traveled to study abroad,resulting in brain drain; domestic insufficient number of hospitals,even the good doctors go abroad for further feedback upon graduation to the village,but also come up with any services opportunities.

Formosa Plastics Group founder Mr. Wang Yongqing In view of this,coupled with its first Weng Mr. Wang Zhanggeng who died due to acute abdomen that is,in order to prevent the same tragedy caused by regret,and contribute to the community-based mission,then in 1973 donated Chong Home Foundation,in December 1976 founded the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The establishment of the hospital is to enhance the national medical standards,foster excellence in health care,provide patients with the best medical services for the purpose,and both services, the task of teaching and research functions. Founder Wang Chang Gung Memorial Hospital founded mentioned purpose,first,this hospital is not to make money; Second,at least to be able to serve lower-middle class people; third,with a,two thousand or more large-scale hospitals not only large-scale treatment only,but should be large enough to specialization,there is only the amount of quality,cultivate talent specialization,but also hope that the Taiwan Department of Medicine graduates here can get the best education and training; Section four,hoping the introduction and development of new medical technology research,continuous innovation of medical technology to achieve first class; Fifth,through the rational system,the quest for the best doctors,the best equipment and instruments in the future to become a world-class hospital .

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital,uphold the "people-save the world","patient first","Civilian Medical" spirit of service in hospitals inception,we provide high-quality medical care to a patient as a first priority,and many of the medical community to create a precedent,such as: Cancel "Hospitalization margin system" so that the patient will not be delayed because of economic factors,diagnosis and treatment of disease; in order to maintain the quality of life of patients with chronic renal failure,allowed to work and life,significantly reduce dialysis costs; reform physician pay systems and explicitly ban the hospital colleagues received a red envelope,the medical community to eliminate bad habits and so on. These initiatives,has produced a guide in the medical community toward healthy development of Taiwan's remarkable performance. Owing to the ongoing dedication and effort to develop the hospital the management rules and regulations,and constantly seek refined,with the development of the hospital to provide excellent medical service quality requirements. After years of efforts of the management regulations formulated proved effective,even in advanced countries come to study hospital management consultancy firm.

Source: www1.cgmh.org.tw

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